Guided Onboarding Experience

During the BloodHound Enterprise (BHE) Guided Onboarding Experience, one of our Technical Account Managers will guide your team through operationalizing your deployment to ensure long term success with your use of BHE.


Regardless of whether your environment has a single Active Directory domain or multiple complex forests and Azure tenants, we’ll walk you through the deployment process and ensure you have optimized your collection capabilities to measure your Attack Path risk with the most reasonably accurate data possible. During this step our team will help you:

  • Identify the optimal deployment strategy for data collection
  • Troubleshooting assistance in collector deployment
  • Validation of data collection and coverage
  • Configure single sign-on (as desired)

Validation of Critical Assets

Out of the box, BloodHound Enterprise will show Attack Paths resulting in control of your default critical Tier 0 assets – things like Domain Admins, Domain Controllers, etc. Once we’ve confirmed your deployment is healthy in your environment, we’ll guide you through configuring BHE to how you run your business. This includes:

  • Reviewing the default asset set identified as Tier 0
  • Identifying additional critical assets in your environment


Once we’ve validated deployment and identified your most critical Tier 0 assets, we’ll make sure that your team understands the data presented by BloodHound Enterprise. This will include:

  • How to navigate and understand the data presented by BHE
  • Education on what risks exist within your environment
  • Explanation of how an attacker might execute these Attack Paths to gain complete control of your environment


Finally, once you’re deployed and trained on how to use BloodHound Enterprise, we’ll help make sure you operationalize the tool within your organization. Whether working on integrations with our API, or understanding how to communicate risks and track remediation status within your organization, our team will help you understand best practices for gaining the most value out of your BloodHound Enterprise subscription through mitigating risk in your environment.

Learn how BloodHound Enterprise can streamline mitigation efforts, eliminate millions of Attack Paths, and improve your security posture

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