See BloodHound Enterprise

in Action

Powered by SpecterOps research, BloodHound Enterprise fills a critical gap in your Identity Risk Management capability by mapping the Attack Paths adversaries use to take control of your environment. Think like an attacker and start addressing Identity Attack Path risk.

Triage and remove an Attack Path

BloodHound Enterprise continuously and comprehensively maps the Identity Attack Path risk across your hybrid environment. Take action on critical Attack Paths and remove the adversary’s favorite target.

Uncover the detailed relationships within an Attack Path

When it comes to Attack Paths, details matter. Use the power of the BloodHound Enterprise attack graph to understand any relationship from any identity to any resource.

Uncover critical Identity Attack Path Risk in Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS)

SpecterOps is a leader in Identity Attack Path research and detailed critical vulnerabilities in ADCS in our whitepaper Certified Pre-Owned. These Attack Paths allowed for immediate and total compromise in 90% of environments examined. Address these Attack Paths live in your environment with intricate details and step-by-step remediations.

Learn how BloodHound Enterprise can streamline mitigation efforts, eliminate millions of Attack Paths, and improve your security posture

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