Mergers and Acquisitions

Identify and mitigate risk before the merge

Assess the risks of an acquisition’s domain/tenant before establishing a trusted connection. Mitigate critical Identity Attack Paths to ensure new subsidiaries will not introduce risk to the organization.

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The importance of knowing the risk of joining your acquisition to your domain or tenant

With every acquisition, security diligence is performed on endpoints, networks, and software before the acquired company is integrated. But traditional technologies don’t provide the ability to perform the most important assessment, understanding the Identity risk introduced by joining organizations.

  • Adversary’s Target Your Acquisitions

    Adversaries target acquired organizations to compromise the new parent org, the risk to the child becomes risk to the parent.

  • Making Blind Changes Is Dangerous

    Whether making a small configuration change or performing a large domain/forest trust change, you do so without understanding the exposure that you will create in your environment.

  • Stalled Mergers

    Lack of visibility into the risk of the merger causes delays and harms the business objectives of the acquisition.

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Take back control with BloodHound Enterprise

BloodHound Enterprise removes uncertainty and allows organizations to manage the risk of acquisitions for the first time.

Assess Attack Path Risk

Quantify Acquisition Exposure

BloodHound Enterprise allows organizations to fully assess the identity security posture of the acquired company:

  • Maps every relationship and connection into Attack Paths
  • Measures the initial impact of each point of each Attack Path
  • Presents a baseline of their overall Identity security risk


Mitigate & Manage Risk

Eliminate Critical Attack Paths

BloodHound Enterprise identifies the strategic Choke Points to eliminate high-risk Attack Paths and provides remediation guidance to help fast and safe mitigation efforts.

  • Pinpoint Choke Points to cut many Attack Paths at once
  • Prioritize Choke Points by risk exposure to identify high impact, low effort wins
  • Move fast with practical and precise remediation guidance


Forcing Function

Enterprise Class Reporting

BloodHound Enterprise can be used by the acquiring company as a forcing function for consistency and onboarding to ensure that the inevitable connection of domains is one of low risk.

  • Understand risks before you establish trust with a new domain or tenant
  • Enterprise-wide visibility in minutes
  • Prioritized Attack Path Choke Points to mitigate the highest risk violations quickly.
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Learn how BloodHound Enterprise can streamline mitigation efforts, eliminate millions of Attack Paths, and improve your security posture

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