Manage Identity Risk

Measure and improve your identity security risk posture

Uncover all Identity Attack Paths and track your identity security risk posture in real-time. Prioritize your resources effectively and understand the impact of your remediation efforts as you remove Attack Paths.

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Why Managing Identity Risk is Important

The complex relationships of users, systems, and privileges within AD and Entra ID create an Identity Attack Path Risk that is invisible to built-in tooling. Without visibility over your Identity Risk, hundreds of thousands of Attack Paths will remain unseen, unmanaged, and will continue to grow.

  • Adversary’s Top Technique

    Abusing identity privileges is the adversary’s favorite weapon. Reasonably skilled adversaries can use Identity Attack Paths to take over your enterprise within hours.

  • Making Blind Changes Is Dangerous

    Small changes in AD and Entra ID can massively increase the risk to your environment. You need visibility across the exposure of every change.

  • Attack Paths Keep Increasing

    As business demands require changes to your AD and Entra ID configurations, more and more hidden Attack Paths get inadvertently created.

Take back control with BloodHound Enterprise

BloodHound Enterprise provides real-time knowledge of your identity risk as your environment changes by performing continuous and comprehensive measurements of AD and Azure AD environments. You can observe positive and negative trends in your identity security posture and empirically know the positive impact of removing Attack Paths.

Risk Baseline and Continuous Assessment

Identify Attack Path Risk

BloodHound Enterprise enumerates all Attack Paths within AD and Entra ID to establish your Identity Risk Baseline.

As configuration changes are made (both good and bad), BloodHound automatically reassesses risk.

  • Maps and measures every Attack Path across your AD and Entra ID footprint
  • Informs you immediately of the impact of any configuration changes
  • Continuously presents your overall Identity security risk
Work Smart

Deploy Resources Confidently

Prioritized Attack Path Choke Points ensure your team’s efforts will make the biggest impact.

  • Immediately understand how changes made in one domain or tenant affect the enterprise
  • Respond promptly to new high-risk Attack Paths
  • See your mitigation efforts pay off
Be Informed

Enterprise Class Reporting

Visualize and report on your risk across your entire enterprise (all domains & Azure tenants).

  • Report your Identity risk with confidence
  • Monitor remediation and track status over time
  • Communicate the impact and value of remediations


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