Attack Paths are a

Attack Path Management for all

From the creators of BloodHound, an Attack Path Management solution that continuously maps and quantifies identity Attack Paths in Active Directory and Azure (Azure Active Directory and Azure Resource Manager). Remove millions of Attack Paths within your existing architecture and eliminate the attacker’s easiest, most reliable, and most attractive target.

Why are Attack Paths a problem?

Active Directory is the adversary’s favorite target

  • Owning AD = owning the enterprise
  • 95% or more of enterprise rely on Active Directory
  • Finding an Attack Path is virtually guaranteed

Azure AD is growing, so are the risks

Azure uses different technologies to manage identities and access, but is vulnerable to the same types of identity Attack Paths as on-prem AD.

An unseen, unmanaged problem that continues to expand.

Environments undergo constant change in both size and complexity. This combined with user behavior creates more Attack Paths every day.

Current solutions aren’t addressing the problem

Listing thousands of generic configuration issues solves nothing.


How BloodHound Enterprise works

  • Continuously map all Attack Paths
  • Prioritize and quantify Attack Path Choke Points
  • Precise, practical remediation guidance
  • Monitor and measure improved security posture
Our Solution

Start addressing impact

Unprecedented visibility into Azure AD

Visualize privileges for instant clarity within Azure AD

Best practices made practical

Tiered Administration, Least Privilege, and Credential Hygiene are now possible

AD and Azure AD Security for everyone

Harden AD and Azure AD against abuse and improve directory services availability

Learn how BloodHound Enterprise can streamline mitigation efforts, eliminate millions of Attack Paths, and improve your security posture

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