BloodHound: Six Degrees of Domain Admin


BloodHound uses graph theory to reveal the hidden and often unintended relationships within an Active Directory environment. As of version 4.0, BloodHound now also supports Azure. Attackers can use BloodHound to easily identify highly complex attack paths that would otherwise be impossible to quickly identify. Defenders can use BloodHound to identify and eliminate those same attack paths. Both blue and red teams can use BloodHound to easily gain a deeper understanding of privilege relationships in an Active Directory environment.

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BloodHound Enterprise Vs. BloodHound Open-Source

BloodHound Enterprise Vs. BloodHound Open-Source

BloodHound FOSS is designed to identify Attack Paths to exploit, BloodHound Enterprise is an enterprise commercial product designed to continuously and comprehensively manage Attack Paths:

Learn how BloodHound Enterprise can streamline mitigation efforts, eliminate millions of Attack Paths, and improve your security posture

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